Citizens For Delaware Schools

Position Papers

Fixing our schools may seem like an unsurmountable task. On this page we identify the key issues, why they are important and solutions that can get us going in the right direction.

Academic achievement in Delaware


In today’s world, our children must be proficient at reading, writing, math, and other practical life skills that will help them grow to be successful adults. Delaware schools have failed our kids for the past decade. It’s time to get back to the basics and also ensure teachers can focus on teaching and ensure that every student regardless of zip code achieves academic success.


Parents expect that their kids will encounter orderly classrooms where the focus is on teaching the academic subjects that students need to learn to be fully functioning adults. Teachers must have full control in their classroom to be able to reduce disruptions. 


Parents have a fundamental right to shape their children’s education because they have the moral and legal responsibility for raising them. As taxpayers, they trust schools to help their kids achieve their maximum potential. Yet, some schools have hidden certain activities, curriculum, materials and information from parents. Full classroom transparency and partnering with parents is the best way to create a healthy child.